2019-nCoV IgM Antibody Rapid test

This kit is established with a colloidal gold immunochromatography technique for the rapid detection of IgM and IgG antibodies against 2019-nCoV in serum, plasma or whole blood samples. The colloidal gold labeled recombinant Np Ag and mouse IgG colloidal gold marker are immobilized on the conjugate pad, mouse anti human IgM monoclonal antibody (μ) and mouse anti human IgG monoclonal antibody (γ) was  pre-coated on the detection line (T) position on the nitrocellulose membrane  respectively. The control line(C) was coated with goat anti-mouse IgG polyclonal antibody. When an appropriate amount of samples to be tested is added to the sample well of the test cassette, the sample will move forward by chromatography. If the sample contains antibodies against the 2019-nCoV, the antibodies can combine with colloidal gold labeled recombinant Np Ag to form an immune complex. The immune complex will flow forward undergoing the inside of the nitrocellulose membrane, and  will be caught by the coated mouse anti human IgM antibody (μor anti human IgG antibody (γto develop color when it passed the T line position. The free colloidal gold marker will be caught by the goat anti-mouse IgG polyclonal antibody coated on the C line to develop color. Negative samples develop color only at the C line.


2019-nCoV IgM /IgG 2in1 Antibody



2019-nCoV IgG Antibody Rapid test
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2020/4/8 9:19:00