Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (MP)-IgG rapid test cassette

  High Sensitivity Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (MP) IgM/IgG rapid test blood group Test 

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Rapid mp test card is used to qualitatively detect the existence of MP -IgG antibodies in serum or plasma sample, as an auxiliary diagnostic reagent of MP infection in clinic. Mycoplasma pneumoniae(MP) is the common pathogenic microorganisms that caused the primary atypical pneumonia and other respiratory infections diseases. In addition to the respiratory tract that MP can cause other serious complication. MP infection is widespread and it can cause pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, lung abscess, pulmonary bullae and pleurisy and multi system damage. It is not easy to identify the pneumonia is caused by MP, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens infection. And the treatment of MP infection is different to other bacterial or viral infections. After MP infection, MP-IgM appeared first and then decreasing with the climbing and remaining on a high level of MP-IgG titer. In addition, IgM antibody is weak positive generally at the first infection. Therefore, IgM negative do not means inexistence of MP infection. IgG antibody detection is essential and necessary.

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MP-IgM Antibody Cassette


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Bioneovan was built in 1988 in Beijing, China and was the earliest domestic high-tech enterprise which was specialized in the field of ELISA TESTS & RAPID TESTS as both supplier and manufacturer with GMP, ISO9001:2008, and ISO13485 Certificates.


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The box : 14.5*13.5*13(cm)

The carton:66*60*70 (cm)

There is 100 boxes in one carton.

The GW is 36.5kg. The NW is 32kg.



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Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (MP)-IgM rapid test cassette
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