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HAV- IgM rapid test





HAV IgM Rapid test  is a single use, rapid device intended for qualitativedetection of IgM-class antibodies to hepatitis A virus (HAV)in serum, plasma samples. It is intended tobe used in clinical laboratories for diagnosis of acutehepatitis A and management of patients related to infectionwith hepatitis A virus.



Specimen collection and preparation


Fresh serum or plasma samples can be used. No specialpatient preparation required. Care should be taken to ensureblood full clotting and any visible particulate matter in thesample should be removed by centrifugation or filtration. Avoidthe use of highly hemolytic, turbid, microorganismcontaminated samples or samples stored for over 30days at2-8°C. Store samples at 2-8°C. Samples not required for assaywithin 3 days should be stored frozen (-20°C or lower). Avoidsample deterioration by multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

-Plasma: Collect whole blood into a collection tube (containingEDTA, citrate or heparin, respectively) by venipuncture.Separate the plasma by centrifugation.

-Serum: Collect whole blood into a collection tube (containingno anticoagulants) by venipuncture. Allow the blood to clot.Separate by centrifugation.

The original samples cannot be tested directly, must bediluted with sample diluents before testing!

hav IgM rapid

hav igm

hav rapid test

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Bioneovan was built in 1988 in Beijing, China and was the earliest domestic high-tech enterprise which was specialized in the field of ELISA TESTS & RAPID TESTS as both supplier and manufacturer with GMP, ISO9001:2008, and ISO13485 Certificates.


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